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Optimists and Pessimists
An optimist is someone who thinks positively about things and about the future. If you give an optimist half a glass of chocolate milkshake, she would most probably see the milkshake as almost full, or at least half full. Then you get people who are pessimists. A pessimist is someone who usually sees things negatively and doesn’t have much hope for the future. If you gave him the same half glass of chocolate milkshake, there’s a good chance he would say something like, “It’s almost empty!” Can you see the difference? Optimistic people choose to have positive thoughts about themselves, about life and about their future. Because of this they often look after their bodies better, have healthier minds and are more successful. On the other hand, a pessimist looks only at the negative things, and ends up feeling gloomy about the future, doesn’t believe in himself and sees only problems instead of possibilities. What would you like to be, an optimist or a pessimist? After all, the choice is yours.

Where does Optimism come from?
We aren’t born an optimist or a pessimist. Everyone can learn to become an optimist. We are not always in control of our outside world and all the negative words we might hear or things we might see, but we can control our inside world and our thoughts and feelings about those things. We can choose to think positive thoughts which will make us feel happy and optimistic even when everything around us isn’t so good. We have the power to choose where we want to go in life, what we want and what we want to achieve by setting goals four ourselves. We can choose to believe in ourselves and not in the negative things around us. We can choose to squash those negative thoughts that make us feel unhappy and pessimistic about ourselves and life. We can focus on our strengths, gifts and talents instead of our weaknesses. We can also choose to spend more time with people who are positive and optimistic.
So where does optimism come from? It comes from inside of us, from our positive thoughts, and of course, always believing that no matter what’s going on around us, we are special, unique and important.

If the choice is mine, how do I become an optimist? Here are five things that we can do to be more optimistic;
1. Optimists believe they are in control
They believe that tomorrow can be better than today was and that they can change their future for the better. They don’t let yesterday’s mistakes get in the way of making today great.
2. Optimists look forward
Every day is like a new piece of paper. Anything can happen (good or bad) so the optimist sees it as an opportunity to make something good happen. When they do look back, they see the past as a good learning experience, never as a list of mistakes and failures.

3. Optimists are confident in themselves
They believe they can get through whatever life throws at them and keep going. They believe in themselves and so they take time to learn new skills so that they can reach their full potential.
4. Optimists see possibility
They have positive minds and are always looking for what they can do next because they can see so many exciting opportunities. All of us have challenges in our lives but as optimists we make a decision not to worry about the ones we can’t do anything about
5. Optimists have better lifestyles
When you feel good about yourself and your life, you want to look after yourself better. Optimists are often healthier than other people because they like to exercise, eat well and get a good night sleep.

Let’s squash those negative thoughts, take charge of our inside world and make a choice to be optimistic about ourselves, our lives and our future!

Sunshine and Smiles,

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