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Who Would Benefit from Life Coaching and Kids Life Coaching?

If you, your child or someone you know and love is struggling in any of the following areas, Life Coaching and Kids Life Coaching provides the support, environment and tools to not only manage challenges and difficult circumstances, but rise above them and move forward into an inspired and motivated future emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically equipped.
Some of these areas include:

• Trauma and Crisis
• Stress and Burnout
• Relationships
• Grief and Loss
• Disability or Illness
• Negative Body Image
• Low Self-Esteem
• Lack Motivation
• Anxiety
• Low Mood
• Anger
• Lack of a Sense of Purpose
• Behaviour Issues
• Major Life Transitions (Retrenchment, End of a relationship, Mid-Life Crisis)
• Need Personal Development and Emotional Intelligence
• Bullying
• General Apathy
• Parenting Challenges
• Poor Communication
• Lacking in Boundaries

Life is meant for living, not struggling or barely getting through each day. With the right tools and support that coaching offers, you, your child or loved one can take charge of your inner world, develop the courage to make changes to your outside world and go after the dreams and goals that you’ve always wanted to.

"F-E-A-R" has two meanings:

"Forget Everything And Run"

"Face Everything And Rise"

The Choice is Yours!
Only as high as I reach can I
Only as far as I seek can I
Only as deep as I look can I
Only as much as I
DREAM can I be

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